Drumsticks OAK PERCH JESS, Oak, 5A, nature | SKU 12519

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The OAK PERCH JESS sticks made of oak by klangbeisser are more heavy than maple drumsticks but normally they last longer and don't break easily. Furthermore you can drum harder with oak sticks. Suitable for beginners, advanced players and everyone who is looking for stable drumsticks.



Drum Sticks OAK PERCH JESS made of Oak Wood produced by DiMavery for klangbeisser

  • Size: 5 A
  • Material: oak, natural
  • Tip: wooden, oval
  • Recommended for example for drumset BLACK KNIGHT
  • The sticks of oak have a size of 5A. Due to the oak wood they are very stable and last longer. Also rim shots can be easily played with those sticks. For example suitable for Jazz or Blues music
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Additional Information

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