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Halloween Pumpkin Lantern BAFFI with LED, 35cm
Halloween decoration fabric ZELENA, coarse mesh, orange, 76x500cm
Halloween Skull Lantern LEMPO, LED Flame Light, 45x21x15cm
Halloween lantern / lamp COSMO with tea light, haunted house, 23cm
Halloween decoration fabric ZELENA, coarse mesh, green, 76x500cm
Halloween ghost of captain pirate CLARK with eye patch, 120cm
Halloween silhouette of witch SPOOKY WITCH, metal, black, 110cm
Halloween silhouette of witch kettle SPOOKY CAULDRON, metal, black, 83cm
Halloween silhouette of cat SPOOKY CAT, metal, black, 53cm
Halloween magic mirror MIRZELLA, sound function, LED, grey, 35cm
Regular Price £14.90 Special Price £7.45
Halloween ghost/ phantom figure SKYLER with motion and sound effects, LEDs, 3ft / 95cm
Halloween spider web/ cobweb with 2 black spiders, orange UV-reactive, 20g
Halloween ghost tree YORRICK with face and leaves, 5.5ft / 170cm
Halloween pumpkin RILEY with black cat and witch hat, self-inflating, 150cm
Halloween Zombie / Undead GRIGOR with LEDs, 73cm
Halloween Greis GODRIC as waiter with eerie noises, motion function, LEDs, 164cm
Halloween iron chain JOE with hook, plastic, grey-silver, 155cm
Halloween decoration fabric ZELENA, fine-meshed, white, 165x400cm
Halloween Cobweb with 1 black spider, orange UV active, 50g
Halloween Cobweb with 1 black spider, orange UV active, 100g
Halloween pumpkin TWIGGY with face, orange, LED, Ø21cm
Regular Price £17.90 Special Price £8.95
Halloween Pirate Skeleton Captain LUIS, speaking, LED, 170cm
Halloween Portrait RODERICH, talking, motion function, LED, 35x9x49cm
Halloween ghost witch BELLATRIX with sound and movement function, LED, 170cm
Halloween Silhouette Ghost SPOOKY GHOST, white, 58cm
Halloween Silhouette SPOOKY WOLF, black, 63cm
Halloween Silhouette Cat SPOOKY CAT, black, 43cm
Halloween Silhouette Mouse SPOOKY MOUSE, black, 56cm
Halloween Silhouette Hands SPOOKY HANDS, black, 40cm
Halloween Silhouette Bat SPOOKY BAT, black, 32cm
Halloween Silhouette Crow SPOOKY CROW, black, 63cm
Halloween Silhouette Owl SPOOKY OWL, black, 62cm
Halloween Silhouette Pumpkins SPOOKY PUMPKINS, black, 82cm
Halloween spider TARANTULLA, black, movement function, LED, 110x110cm
Halloween skull MORTY with sound function, LED, 30x23cm
Halloween skeleton dog BALTO with sound function, LED, 71x25x40cm
Halloween skeleton parts ADALBERT with 5 earth skewers, 19cm, 45cm, 66cm
Halloween wolf man REMUS with sound function, LEDs, 160cm
Halloween Horror Bunny DONNIE with sound and movement function, LEDs, 140cm
Halloween Hydrant SPRINKY with skull, scary laugh, movement function, LED, 28cm
Halloween small witch MYSTERY with broom, hat, 100cm
Halloween ghost JEGOR with hat of witch, LEDs, orange, 150cm
Halloween horror doll OBSIDIA, white, 90cm
Regular Price £22.90 Special Price £11.45
Halloween skeleton SERGEJ grille, LEDs, 45cm
Halloween ghost WALBERT grille, LEDs, 45cm
Halloween pumpkin QUAX with face of zombie, orange, LED, Ø26cm
Halloween pumpkin QUINO with skull, spiders, orange, LED, Ø25cm
Halloween spiders-skeleton ARANEA, gold, 25cm